Digital Wooden Metal Dry Cabinets

Highlight Features

  1. Digital Wooden Metal Case Dry Cabinet for respective Volumes listed in product information.
  2. Delicate and exquisite laminated wood design.
  3. Protect valuable products from humidity.
  4. Extend life span of product.
  5. Electricity saving and stable.
  6. Comes with removable trays.
  7. Accurate humidity readings.
  8. 5 Years warranty

Product Description

New Digital Wooden Metal Dry Cabinet

The new Digital Wooden Metal Dry Cabinet would be a great addition to enhance your office or home interior design while serving the function as a digital dry cabinet. The specifications of each model are the same as the Samurai Digital Dry Cabinet series.

SAMURAI 36L Digital DRY CABINET W315*D270*H450 W395*D355*H535
SAMURAI 60L Digital DRY CABINET W400*D340*H430 W480*D425*H535
SAMURAI 90L Digital DRY CABINET W400*D340*H630 W480*D425*H735
SAMURAI 120L Digital DRY CABINET W400*D340*H830 W480*D425*H935
SAMURAI 150L Digital DRY CABINET W425*D370*H980 W400*D340*H930
Relative Humidity Chart
Relative humidity Protect scope
60%-55% Carbon paper, fax paper, uniques, pictures, money, stamps, printed paper etc
55%-45% Camera, video camera, lens, microscope, binocular glass CD, fion, anode film cathode film, instruments, fur, medicals
45%-35% Metal without iron, semiconductors, circuit board, tungsten wire, IC card, batteries etc
35%-25% Precise measures, optical apparatus, electricity, detector, lens, medical material, etc
25%-15% Special chemical material, medical apparatus, sample, seeds, pollen etc


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