F-580 Dry Box (Blue/Red)

The Samurai Dry Box is professionally designed to protect your valuable items from humidity. It can absorb the humidity effectively and it also helps to extend the life span of your valuable products. Moreover, there is ZERO electricity consumption and as such, money saving because NO POWER is required to reaches your desired humidity level.

Samurai Dry Box is affordably priced. This is a box everyone must have, especially for professional photographers and people who wants to store important documents.

Product Description

DSC_4498Do you know that your Cameras, video camera, lenses, microscopes ,binoculars and your luxurious Handbag will grow fungus, mold or deterioration if is not kept properly. Our Dry box is a very important piece of tools to keep your belongs away from fungus,dust or deterioration and well kept in tip-top condition. Get one home to save your cost on Few Hundred dollar to service your equipments.

Highlight Features
  1. Low cost.
  2. protect valuable products from humidity.
  3. No power required.
Relative Humidity Chart
Relative humidity Protect scope
60%-55% Carbon paper, fax paper, uniques, pictures, money, stamps, printed paper etc
55%-45% Camera, video camera, lens, microscope, binocular glass CD, fion, anode film cathode film, instruments, fur, medicals
45%-35% Metal without iron, semiconductors, circuit board, tungsten wire, IC card, batteries etc
35%-25% Precise measures, optical apparatus, electricity, detector, lens, medical material, etc
25%-15% Special chemical material, medical apparatus, sample, seeds, pollen etc

Additional Information







Humidity Gauge

ranges from 25-60(M)

Power consumption

0 Watts